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Rural Fire

Find out about fire restrictions and how to get a fire permit in the Queenstown Lakes District.


Fire Restrictions

Fire restrictions are in place all year round.  In summer there may be a total fire ban – this will be advertised in local papers and on this website.

When do you need a fire permit?

Permits are required for all fires.

The Fire and Smoke Prevention Bylaw 2008 says that no fires, except for BBQ’s, will be allowed in urban areas.  Fires are allowed in the Rural General Zone but only with a permit.

How to get a fire permit

All fire permits are issued by Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Send a completed application form along with any additional information and send it to Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag 50072, Queenstown 9348 or email to .

Please make sure you submit the right form from the two below.

Other Important information

>> Fire Permit Guide (pdf, 10.4KB)
>> Sample Burn Management Guide (pdf, 351KB)
>> Wind Force Scale (pdf, 16.8KB)
>> Rural Fire Plan (pdf, 3.14MB)

Illegal Fire Lighting

The penalties for lighting a fire without a permit are severe. Costs to suppress the fire - including man hours, appliances, and aircraft - and repairs for any damage caused may be sought from the person responsible.

Rural Fire Administration Changes

View the Rural Fire Administration Change notice (pdf, 144KB)